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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to improve website rankings or organic visibility in the search engine. The commonly used search engine is, and the top visibility of a website on the Search Engine Result Page indicates higher rankings of a website. Initiating a new online business of promoting an ongoing one requires higher SEO rankings in today's digital world. SEO rankings can be achieved in various ways. Having a unique titled website with appropriate headings makes the site more approachable for the audience. Using a relevant and sufficient number of keywords in your content can target the interested visitors looking for the solutions or products you provide.

The right keywords should be used to reach an interested audience. Making the content that is easy to comprehend and initiates a conversation between you and your visitors, conveys the purpose easily and creates traffic in your site, thus improving your SEO rankings. Pay Per Click is another way of increasing traffic in your site, leading to an increase in SEO rankings. It includes paid traffic, i.e., to increase site traffic through this, you have to pay every time a visitor clicks on your site link. Great content is another factor that plays a role in increasing SEO rankings. The more relevant and appealing the content is, the easier it becomes for visitors to overview a site.

In this race of making your site better than others, various types of SEO services help the websites reach closer to their goal. Some of them are listed below:

  1. On-Site SEO Services: It involves improving the SEO rankings of a website by using relevant keywords and headings by improving user engagement and reducing your website's loading speed so that the visitor doesn't have to wait long. This can be done by compressing the size of the images used.
  2. Off-Site SEO Services: If you have an online business or know how the search engine's results function, you must be quite familiar with the term SEO. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, which means improving the website's quality status and rankings on a search engine through various tools and techniques. SEO rankings are increased when traffic increases in a website and higher SEO rankings mean higher quality and reputation. The critical factor to SEO rankings is knowing about the audience and presenting them with their desired results.

SEO rankings can be improved with the help of SEO services. These are companies hired by website operators that help them improve their rankings on search engines such as Google and increase traffic in their websites. Search Engine Agencies provide websites with SEO marketing services such as:

i) Enterprise SEO: These services are relevant to your website's goals and current rankings on the Search Engine. Enterprise SEO is similar to general SEO but is more focused on goals and strategies. This includes the use of highly demanded and competitive keywords in the contents and is mostly used by websites with many pages. The services use a general approach such as R.O.C.K.E.T.R.O.C.K.E.T. which refers to Research, Optimization, Content, Keywords, Earn Links, and Testing for Enterprise SEO services.

ii) Local SEO: Search Engines provide a way for the websites to optimize their rankings globally, but, local SEO is more focused on increasing the website's rankings in the local surroundings. Having higher Local SEO rankings is the first step in building high global SEO rankings. SEO services provider with facilities such as page contents etc. to improve the Local SEO rankings.

iii) E-Commerce SEO: This marketing strategy is followed to increase the sales of your online stores. Services provide tools such as keywords, site architecture, P.P.C.P.P.C., etc. to help improve your online store's visibility on the Search Engine Results Page.

iv) Video SEO: This refers to increasing your video's SEO rankings to rank them higher on the search engines. Services provide strategies such as individual descriptions with relevant and enough keywords to get your video indexed and ranked higher on the search engines.

v) Google Recovery Services: If a website faces a decrease in the SEO rankings, Google has penalized it for issues such as algorithm updates. S.O.E.S.O.E. services help in aiding and recovering the website with its SEO rankings with different tools and techniques.

vi) SEO Reseller: This means when their clients hire SEO service providers, they further hand over the work to other highly trained SEO professionals. Therefore hiring an SEO service might not always mean that the in-house team does the work; the services can hire other SEO professionals to make your work more effective.

vii) Multilingual SEO: If you plan on reaching the audience for your website all around the globe, then sticking over to one language might not be that effective. SEO services have linguistic experts who use different languages and multilingual keywords to help you reach and connect with the audience overseas and build a global link.

viii) Web Analytics: SEO services have present you with consulting services that guide you to take the appropriate business decisions. Web Analytics is an essential factor of digital marketing as it helps you measure and allocate your resources in the right direction for the growth of your website.

ix) SEO Copywriting Services: This means having relevant and unique content for your website with enough appropriate keywords to increase S.E.R.P.S.E.R.P. visibility. SEO Services provide you with unique and creative content free from plagiarism and with keywords to help you make money and reach your target audience.

SEO service providers have a team of experts and professionals that uplift your website rankings. The paid services allow you to outsource SEO ranking's critical work and focus on other factors relating to your website.

They offer you an easy means to connect with your target audience and reach out to them with relevant, attractive, and appealing websites. Using the best SEO tools such as P.P.C.P.P.C., creative content, promotions, etc., they direct your website in the right direction of growth and increased SEO rankings.


We are a team of in-house experts and professionals that work with 100% efficiency to present you with your desired website rankings. Our SEO department works 24x7 on your website and has never failed to satisfy our clients. Our formidable working team has experience of working with over 150 happy clients over the past years.

Academic Mantra has earned the status of one of the reputed SEO service company in the country. Our qualified and guaranteed service provider team has taken the oath never to dissatisfy our clients and take all worries away regarding their website SEO rankings.

After handing over your website to our team, all you need to consider is your website reaching attaining high SEO rankings. Our team follows a series of under listed tools that aid your website’s SEO rankings and help you reach your planned targets.

i) Content Marketing: Content marketing refers to relevant and promotional content that acts as a voice for your website and attracts your target audience and increases traffic on your website. We have experienced wordsmiths professionally trained to provide your website with content accumulating keywords relevant to your website.

ii) Pay Per Click: P.P.C.P.P.C. is a method of advertising your website through paid promotions. The advertiser allows other websites (publishers) to publish the advertisements on their sites and pays them a fee every time a visitor clicks the ad. P.P.C.P.P.C. promotions are done in various ways:

  • a) Search Advertising: This refers to promoting your website on web pages, and then the advertisement directly appears on the S.E.R.P queries on top. This is an easy way to earn potential customers for your website.
  • b) Product Listing Ads: These are advertisements on the search engine top results depicting the product's images with their details.
  • c) Display Advertising: Advertising your product on websites in the form of banners, videos, audios, posters, flash, etc. to spread the product information to site visitors.
  • d) Lead-Based Marketing: The customers are referred to as leads. Once a a visitor visits your website's landing page, they are required to fill up the inquiry form that shows his interest in your services. This allows website operators to know about their customer's demands and design their marketing strategies based on the leads.
  • e) Remarketing: A form of online marketing where ads are shown to visitors according to applied searches and interests. The websites target their regular visitors and show them the ads.
  • f) Mobile Advertising: Any advertisement that appears on a mobile, tablet, or other mobile devices is a part of mobile advertising. It is done through the means of SMS or app notifications.
  • g) Amazon Advertising: This is a way to advertise your product on the world's leading company, Amazon's app, and website. The paid promotions help you reach a variety of global audience through advertisements.
  • h) Affiliate Marketing: In this type of P.P.C.P.P.C. advertising, the advertising the company rewards the affiliates that have earned the advertiser a visitor by putting in his efforts.

Academic Mantra provides will all the kinds mentioned above of P.P.C.P.P.C. services to expand your business's reach and gain more customers. P.P.C.P.P.C. will increase the traffic in your site that will lead to high SEO rankings.

iii) Digital Analytics: It refers to gathering data from all relevant sources like applications, websites, etc. to understand the customer's likes and dislikes. Our team members collect data and use it to make changes to the website, and the customer's requirements are given top priority.

iv) Social Media Marketing: Social media is an easy, quick and cheap option to promote your website. Social media apps are widely popular among a significant section of the world's population. Promoting your product on social media is done through posting pictures, videos, blogs, videos, and paid promotions from popular social media accounts. Billionaires like Kylie Jenner does not spend on advertising their product on T.V.T.V. whereas they choose to promote it on social media. Social media marketing of your website by the Academic Mantra team is carried out on various platforms like:

  • a) Instagram Marketing: The social platform allows you to spread a description of your products through sponsored stories, posts, and paid promotions to reach and attract the target audience.
  • b) Twitter Marketing: Twitter allows you to post content regarding your product for your buyers.
  • c) Facebook Marketing: Creating a Facebook page and communicating with your customers and new audience and paid sponsored ads on the app helps you establish a link with your audience.
  • d) Linkedin Marketing: Spreading brand awareness through Linkedin is an easy way to connect with various people, connect with new businesses and form a professional link.
  • e) You-Tube Marketing: Promoting your website either via sharing a link or through sponsored ads on one of the most used apps globally earn you many customers.
  • f) Quora Marketing: Advertising your product on quora is done by answering visitor's questions and referring your website as a solution to the visitor's query.
  • g) Pinterest Marketing: The application is a compatible way to establish links, build brand awareness and increase traffic to your website through posts.

v) Advanced SEO: Advanced SEO requires expert knowledge and experience to use SEO tools. Our in-house team of experts uses advanced tools to boost up your SEO rankings of the website.

vi) Advanced P.P.C: After general P.P.C  techniques, advanced techniques of P.P.C are applied to your website such as remarketing, dayparting, etc. to expand your reach and increase your rankings.

vii) Advanced Social Media: Not just through sponsored or paid promotions, our services will help you establish a link with more visitors through advanced tools such as increased followers, best SEO blogs, etc.

viii) E-mail Marketing: Our services will promote your website by sending e-mails to our registered clients sharing your website.

Once you hand-over your website to us, we guarantee you improved and best SEO rankings of your website through the ways mentioned earlier. Our coordinated team will present you with the best of results.


With extensive experience in providing SEO services, choosing Academic Mantra as your website aider benefits you in the following ways:

  • a) Best SEO Services: Here at Academic Mantra, we provide you with the possibly best SEO services with a team of the best SEO experts in India.
  • b) First Rank: By choosing our services, you can be free from the burden of SEO rankings because we assure first page rankings for your website.
  • c) Affordable Prices: The preciously priceless SEO services and the desire to have high SEO rankings of your website are presented at affordable prices.
  • d) Organic SEO: Along with other services, we provide our clients with organic SEO services that prove to be much more effective in the long run.
  • e) Trusted SEO Services: After handing over your website to you, you need not worry about any information leaks or other unacceptable actions. We have strict confidentiality policies that our team members follow.
  • f) Professional SEO Experts: We have a specialized team of experts and professionally trained in providing the best and unique SEO services to our clients as per their demands.

No matter how long your online website is operating, either you have waited long for your site to attain high rankings or are just a beginner, Academic Mantra is The best place to get your work done to have a top SEO ranking website.


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