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Technical Writing Service

Technical writing is a form of writing carried out on a particular subject or topic and provides complex information in a simplified and professional manner about the subject. The form is quite different and has a more professional approach than other writing styles such as creative writing, academic writing, etc.

Technical writing is a comprehensive writing style that explains all the subject's details and the explanations and instructions are easy to comprehend.

This writing style has a defined goal of providing the target audience with appropriate, relevant, and accurate information. Businesses use the writing style to deliver informative write-up to their target audience regarding their products and services. Listed as a part of technical communications, technical writing accumulates major technical communications categories such as knowledge-based articles, project documents, user manuals, reference guides, proposals, frequently asked questions etc.

The unique style of technical writing is distinguished because of its visible traits.

  1. Accuracy: This feature of technical writing is one unique specialty of the writing style. This means that all the facts and figures stated in the write up are verified are not just build-up by the writer.
  2. Accessibility: The technical write-ups are so well defined and convenient to comprehend that they are accessible to the readers with such ease.
  3. Conciseness: This writing style is not meant for exaggerating the subject, whereas it focuses on the clear, straightforward, and on-point explanation of the subject.
  4. Clarity: Tech writing is carried out with complete clarity in concepts and language as the reader must easily understand the documents.
  5. Recognition from the Audience: The essential trait of tech writing is that the reader conveniently reads it, and if the audience cannot comprehend the write-up, then the document is not of much use.

Purposefully used to communicate clear information about the subject, technical writing aim at providing their audience with complete knowledge of the subject so that it is convenient to apply.

The subject chosen by the writer or given to him can be of two kinds i.e. tangible (that can be touched and felt ex. Software program) and abstract (other subjects that are not included intangible category).

Types of Technical Writing

Technical writings provide the audience with details about the chosen topic and are carried out in different types.

  1. Traditional Technical Writing: This type of technical writing is used for writing documents to be read by professional audiences. Experts in various fields hire technical writers to write technical write-ups such as research papers, repair manuals, etc. Traditional technical writing is used to create professional documents such as medical and scientific research reports and papers, professional business reports, and reviews such as business status reports, legal case reviews, etc.
  2. End-User Documentation: End User documentation is technical instructional write-ups that are created to provide ''how to'' instructions to the product user. This type of technical document aims at providing complex instructional information in a simplified manner. The instructions are clear and concise for easy understanding of the user. Some examples of end-user technical documents are; user help guides, product manuals, assembly guidelines, technical books, etc.,
  3. Technical Marketing Content: This type deals with building a connection between the business, consumers, and product. Technical writers write such tech write-ups for the marketing purposes of a business. A few examples are white papers explaining the company’s achievements and successes, case studies that explain how the company achieved its goals, brochures, pitches and proposals.


Any writer cannot just carry out technical writing, and it requiresa person to have an educational experience in the writing style. Technical writers specialize in this writing style and are hired by companies to provide them with technical write-ups for their products and services.

It requires specific skills for a person to become a successful and effective technical writer such as

  1. Potential to understand the technology
  2. Ability to present the write-up with clarity
  3. Present ideas graphically
  4. Patience while solving any problem
  5. Communicate with Subject Matter Experts

The skills reflect the qualities of a technical writer for example,

  1. He must have a passion for technology and a love for software and must be focused on to regularly upgrading his tech skills.
  2. Enthusiasm and positivity to learn new things.
  3. Love writing and delivering the best of his work.
  4. Accuracy in his tech writing style and quality of work.
  5. Patience to deal with the problems faced by him etc.

Most of the time, technical writers follow general developmental steps for preparing an effective technical writing document.

  1. Recognizing the needs, target audience, and the scope of the write-up.
  2. Planning
  3. Developing Research and Content
  4. Reviewing after completion and editing
  5. Delivering the document
  6. Feedbacks


 Hiring a technical writer for technical writing services can be very beneficial for the hiring organization.

Hiring a technical writer provides a lot of benefits to the hiring organization.

  1. Comprehensible Communication: The technical content written by technical writers is easy to understand by the readers. Technical writers simplify complex contents that can be easily understood by the target audience.
  2. Awareness: Technical writers present the content from the perspective of the reader. They are well trained in how to connect with the audience by understanding the needs of the audience.
  3. Reduction in Service Costs: Technical writers are well aware of the information that is required for the consumer’s understanding. Well written contents and manuals, therefore reduce the cost of service calls for the technical support department.
  4. Professional Presentation: Writers specialized in technical writing make content that looks professional. The features and adjustments in the document are made to create a professional outcome.
  5. Impartial: Personal opinions do not influence technical writing. Technical writers are trained to write unbiasedly and state all the facts concisely and clearly.

Knowing just the benefits of a technical writer is not enough until you find a technical writer who can actually provide you with all the advantages. Finding a professional technical writer who fulfills all your requirements along with the basic requirements of technical writing can be quite hard.

But you need not worry since we have the perfect solution for your search.


Academic Mantra is an in-house team of professional technical writers that are trained to present you with the best of technical writing. Located in Mohali, Chandigarh, we offer you with digital solutions to your technical communication problems.

Our team has extensive experience in delivering high-quality work to our clients and has been working to meet your high demands and requirements. We have a record of maintaining a status of having satisfied clients and offer you never seen technical writing services.

Choosing us will never leave you disappointed as our team has taken the oath never to deliver unsatisfying work.

Our services will benefit you as:

  1. Our team will create your technical write-up according to your target audience's requirements and the desired content.
  2. Our team of technical writers is trained in all subjects. Subject Matter Experts at Academic Mantra are available for the same field.
  3. Our team is available 24x7 and the experts are trained as per our policies to deliver the work before the deadline. Therefore you need not worry about any delays.
  4. Our high-quality services are available at affordable prices, and we offer discount offers to our first-time customers and bulk orders.

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