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Explaining the concept of writing through the written medium is quite a confusing yet humorous thing. But, it is necessary for anyone to be familiar with the concept of writing because of its importance as a means of communication and expression.

Writing is the art of expressing your thoughts, ideas and feelings through the medium of words. The means of communication is widely used by everyone to express themselves in a non-verbal way along with the use of symbols and numbers as a form of language.

The expressive non-verbal method of communication is used in various forms. From letters to speeches, blogs to articles, paragraphs to essays etc., writing is done in various forms.

Article writing

Article writing is a form of formal writing that is carried out in a proper format, generally for the purpose of publishing. Article writing has many purposes such as an article is written for academic purposes, debates, research etc. An article provides a deep knowledge of the topic and discusses various related factors about the topic such as history, current situation, expectations, assumptions etc.

Commenced with a proper title and the name of writer and further followed in a proper format (introduction, body and conclusion), articles are generally created in an organized way and are written to be read by large section of people. Widely written to be published, articles are written for various purposes mediums such as newspapers, journals, magazines, books, SEO etc.

SEO Article Writing

Search Engine Optimization can simply be referred to as having a quality position and superior visibility of an online product or service in a Search Engine like Google, Bing, Gibiru, StartPage etc.

Search engine ranks websites and products in an SERP (Search Engine Result Page) that indicates the high popularity and visitors of the website. Search Engine Optimization is a method used by online businesses for brand promotion to increase traffic in their websites and gain more visitors. SEO is based on rankings, higher SEO rankings show higher position of the website.

Various Tools and techniques are used by website owners such as PPC, social media promotion, digital analytics, content /article writing etc. to uplift their SEO rankings. All the effective techniques are widely used as a medium to achieve the target.

Mostly, SEO rankings are complimented by relevant eye-catching articles published on the website to appeal to new as well as existing customers. Written in a unique and promotional way SEO friendly article writing are an easy way to achieve a better visibility of your website on the Search Engines.


The basic step to have an SEO complimenting article is through the use of keywords. An SEO friendly article with relevant keywords in the article makes it easier for the user to know about your website as through keywords, search rankings are set by Search engines like Google. Keywords are an easy yet effective way to reach the desired position in the Search Engines.

SEO Article writing is done by almost every website because the little efforts put in articles in turn benefit the website in multiple ways. Under listed are some benefits of SEO article writing for any website.

Benefits of SEO Article Writing

  • An attractive and informative article will not just appeal to your audience about the services and products listed in the particular article, but also will make him suspicious about your other services.
  • SEO article writing can surely be seen as the most inexpensive way of online marketing and having increased SEO rankings.
  • Article writing for complimenting SEO rankings is carried out in a unique, creative and interactive manner. Search engines rank the website according to the originality and distinctiveness in their contents.
  • Regularly posting articles on your websites with new and updated content, calls out to your customers as well as new visitors on the site.
  • Appropriate and relevant articles for your website not just attract more visitors, but also lead to an increase in your sales and profits.

Academic Mantra

With a motto to present you with the best web development services, Academic Mantra is not the place you would want to visit if you don’t want the best for your website.

You don’t need to rush and panic in case you cannot find an expert to write an SEO friendly article. Academic Mantra is the best SEO article writing service to stop by and get your important work done of having a different and appealing article for your website.

We are a team of over 50+ experts and professionals trained to bring the best of web development services to you with just a click. Our services are designed to give life to your innovative ideas for your website according to your demands.

We assure you that you will receive an SEO benefitting article that you have never seen before. Having a record of 300+ fully satisfied clients, we guarantee you that you won’t ever regret your decision of trusting us.


There is no doubt that SEO rankings are of huge importance to any owner of an online business/ website and therefore they try to do to achieve higher rankings in the best way possible. Choosing Academic Mantra for SEO article writing will probably be the best decision made by any of the website operators because:

  • Effectiveness: Our team of experts believes in creating an article that is both creative and effective for your website. We believe in giving you the best return for investing your time and money in us.
  • Affordability: The best SEO services are provided by our company at the best prices that can be afforded by you easily.
  • Distinctiveness: Articles created by our team of SEO wordsmiths are unique and free from plagiarism. Contents are written in a manner that they turn out to be the virtual voice of your website.
  • Keywords: Trained and experienced writers at Academic Mantra make use of pertinent keywords in your articles that boost up the increase in SEO rankings of your website.

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