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Masters of Business Administration is a post-graduate degree pursued after Bachelors of Business Administration. The degree can be done with distinct specializations, and Human Resource Management is one of them.

Masters of Business Administration in Human Resource Management is a post-graduate degree with a time frame of two years, focusing on the field/ department of Human Resource Management in business. The degree program trains the student in managing, recruiting, and guiding the employees of an organization.

The two-year degree requires the students to undergo a summer training/ internship program as advised by the college/ university syllabus guidelines. 

Internship in MBA

MBA in Human Resource requires the students to take training programs or internships to prepare a project report as a part of the syllabus. The university/ college requires the students to work under a company, get training for them and submit a report of explaining their roles and what they learned during the internship.

Generally, the internship program is for six to twelve weeks. Students get recruited by companies as interns and are trained by them in their respective departments. Students get their work in the human resource department as per their capabilities and build a report of their findings and learning.

Academic Mantra Services

Situated in Mohali, Punjab; Academic Mantra Services is a web development service providing company that also provides summer MBA internship programs for interns. 

We aim to offer internships that benefit the student not just with an excellent project report, but with immense knowledge about the department for student's personal and mental growth and a friendly and intellectual environment.

HR internships at Academic Mantra are designed as per your requested time frame and other requirements. 

We have a team of HR professionals that have mastered this field and are set to train students in the best way and with the best possible resources.

Internships of Human Resource at Academic Mantra

Students need to first apply for the internship program and appear for a selection round. The selection round consists of an interview and test that the students have to clear to commence the internship program at Academic Mantra. 

After selection, we offer unpaid internships to those students who cleared the admission criteria with excellent marks.

A time table for each student is created as per their requested time frames for the internships and other requirements. 

Students are assigned as interns in various Human Resource Departments.

  • - In the payroll department, we have different paid software with us and we train the interns on how to operate them.
  • - Recruitment departments interns are trained on how to operate paid recruiting portals. 
  • - Performance Management department trains the interns on how to manage an organization's employees effectively.

Perks of joining internship programs offered at Academic Mantra

Academic Mantra not only offers students extremely effective internship programs but the students also benefit from other aspects as well.

  • - We manage the students' project reports by providing them all the records they need for their report. Our experts and errors also check project Reports are rectified for students' convenience and good results.
  • - Academic Mantra gives the students a certificate for the internship program to utilize it in the future.
  • -We offer letters to interns who performed exceptionally well in the internship to work with Academic Mantra as an employee alongside completing their studies.
  • - Enrolling at Academic Mantra within 5 days after the introduction of the internship program allows gaining an additional benefit of 10%off on the internship fees and a 5% discount on first use of our services.

So what are you waiting for, Christmas? Enroll now to claim your rewards for joining the best MBA internship program at Academic Mantra.

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