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We welcome you at Academic Mantra Services in a digital atmosphere of trust and loyalty. Incorporated on 16 th May, our services provide you with the best of results. We have a non- disappointing team that works in favour of your demands. With an experienced team for different services provided by us, we can assure you that we put heart and soul into helping you reach your desired target. You will find your money and time invested in us with a satisfying outcome and without any complaints. We have an experienced team of 20+employees working 24x7 for our clients. Our team has experienced a healthy working relationship with universities, institutions and digital businesses. We provide our clients with quality services without any delays or any other disappointments.

We have our team working in different fields to provide you with a variety of services. We at Academic Mantra Services have subdivisions of our work services and along with experts in each service.


We present our clients with various services at a single place that makes their work easier, time-saving and they don't have to look around for other service providers.

i) CONTENT WRITING SERVICES: We provide our clients with unique content writings to improve their business status and digital marketing results. We provide contents for different platforms such as social media posts, video descriptions, websites, newsletters, blogs etc. Interactive content is provided by our services with quality and creativity, keeping in mind the clients specifications .

ii) SEO SERVICES: With an efficient team of experts in providing SEO services, we can help your website reach more people digitally. We offer you effective SEO services that will help in the easy promotion of your website on different platforms, and your website will gain more visitors and increase your website's SEO rankings.

iii) AUDIOBOOKS: You can also avail HD quality audiobooks under our services. Audiobooks are provided at cheap rates and are available for different fields. They are easy to download and able to be heard and interpret easily.

iv) IT SERVICES: We have a team of people working to provide IT services such as web development, web designing and graphic designing. You can opt for our IT services to get a newly developed website for your purpose and get your website designed by our experts to make it more attractive and appealing to the visitors and the inclusion of graphic designs.

v) ACADEMIC WRITING SERVICES: Experts in every educational field are present here at Academic Mantra to present you with high-grade academic works. We provide academic writing facilities to students and institutions with no plagiarism and delays. Academic work like report writing, essay writing, assignments etc., is done by professionals to avoid any mistakes and grammatical errors.

vi) CAREER COUNSELLING: Anyone who is confused about their future career or needs advice regarding the same is warmly welcomed by our counsellors to guide them and help them find a way. Counsellors at Academic Mantra provide live as well as virtual options for counselling sessions.

vii) TRAINING SERVICES: Academic mantra provide different types of training as well as internship programs. We have provided summer training and internship programs to students and succeeded with excellent student understanding.

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